You will NOT be considered a client of this firm until a contract has been duly executed and you have received an engagement letter with instructions. Only then, an attorney-client relationship will arise.

Please DO NOT send us confidential information.

The material on this website contains only general information and does not constitute any legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship between you and this firm.

Will my consultation be and remain confidential?

All cases are entitled to confidentiality. Only a legal spouse can be present at the consultation to maintain confidentiality.

Other immediate relatives can be present at the consultation ONLY if their presence is necessary to render legal services.

Employees of this firm can be present at the consultation, if necessary.

*Certain legal exceptions to confidentiality may apply and will be explained to you prior to the consultation.

What documents should I bring to my consultation?

All immigration documentation includes:

  • permanent resident cards;
  • all passports issued by any and all countries you are a national of;
  • I-94;
  • work permits;
  • correspondence from the Department of Homeland Security;
  • parole cards;
  • immigration applications submitted on your behalf; and
  • Notice to Appear, which is the immigration charging document issued to those appearing before the Immigration Court, etc.

If a family member's (e.g. parent, spouse, child, sibling) immigration status is relevant to your case, please bring the family member's documents such as:

  • certificate of citizenship or resident card.

If you have a criminal record anywhere in the world, it is extremely important to bring all arrest, charging, and disposition records. Even if the case was sealed, expunged, of a minor nature, or dismissed.

  • Arrest or criminal complaint records are prepared by the arresting law enforcement officer.
  • A charging document is an "Information" or "Indictment," issued by the state attorney, district attorney, or federal attorney's office.
  • The disposition is the final judgment, dismissal, jury verdict, etc., issued by a court of law.
  • Plea agreements, transcripts, immunity agreements, pardons, and depositions, if any.
  • Certified copies by the clerk of courts where the case was heard, if any.

If in doubt, bring everything. We will help you to decide what is relevant to your case.

Can I bring children to my consultation?

Please do not bring small children to the firm.

However, if you are unable to make arrangements to leave them somewhere else, you MUST bring a companion that can supervise them while you are in your consultation.