Family & Humanitarian Immigration

Visas, family and humanitarian petitions, adjustment of status, removing conditions, work permits, DACA, TPS, U visa, waivers, extend/change nonimmigrant status, VAWA, and affirmative asylum.

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Become a U.S. Citizen - Naturalization

Lawful permanent residents may become U.S. citizens if they meet certain requirements. Minor children of those naturalizing may automatically become U.S. citizens at the same time, if eligible.

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Traffic Tickets - Civil or Criminal

Whether you are undocumented or wish to send an attorney on your behalf. We could request a waiver and appear on your behalf if the waiver is granted by the court.

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  • WE ACCEPT PAYMENT PLANS, debit or credit cards, checks, and money orders.
  • This firm can provide immigration legal representation and services to those located anywhere in the world.
  • We also offer ancillary nonlegal services such as notarization, apostille, AFFORDABLE translations, Spanish-English interpretation, and tailored academic research on country conditions.

**The mere rendering of nonlegal services alone does not create a lawyer-client relationship between you and this firm.


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